Every Worker Needs A Union

An excerpt from the pamphlet, "Think It Over" by the Industrial Workers of the World.

In recent years union membership has steadily dropped. It's no real wonder, given the bureaucratic nature of the union movement and the frequency of sellouts, that most working people today don't have much faith in the union. How could we? Nonetheless, the need still exists for a working class organization to defend and further the interest of working people at their jobs. That's the union. We need it.

Nobody is going to stand up for us. The political parties will court our votes and our donations, but real money talks, and for now the bosses have the real money. They call the tunes in politics. Our only option is union.

We need to build these unions right. We need to build them so that we can control them, so that we can trust them, so that they will serve our needs only, not the needs of bosses and bureaucrats and political hacks. That means union democracy. It means recallable elected officials who report directly to the rank and file.

It means that all important decisions are made directly by the membership. It means any job action or strike is controlled by and settled by the workers on the shop floor. It means full disclosure on financial matters and rank and file control over the union funds. It means doing things very differently than they are done in the business unions. It means doing things the way we do them in the IWW."


The IWW is a member-run union for all workers, with a radical working class history dating back to 1905. I encourage you to take look and consider becoming a wobbly.

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